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Project Summary

Astro Dodge is a web application that allows users to track near Earth objects(NEOs) that are within one Lunar Distance. The motivation behind this project was my fascination with the solar system and a desire to push my software development skills to explore new technologies. The application solves important problems like increasing accessiblity to space data and creating a intuitive user experience.


  • Tracks near Earth objects within one Lunar Distance
  • Uses BulmaCSS to improve client-side performance
  • Ensures the reliability and availability of services for commercial use
  • Contributes to social awareness of space debris and space objects
  • Uses Traefik as a reverse proxy to improve performance, availability, and security

Lessons Learned

During the project, I learned several new technologies and skills. These include using a reverse proxy like Traefik for automatic SSL certificate provisioning and load balancing, working with the open-source CSS framework Bulma for building aesthetically pleasing web interfaces, using PostgreSQL for handling large amounts of data and high levels of concurrency, and using Docker Compose to run multi-container applications using a YAML configuration file. Additionally, I learned about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) by using Github Actions to perform these tasks.