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Project Summary

Park Buddies is a Dockerized Flask web application that queries the US National Parks API to provide users with useful information related to a National Park. It allows users to search for National Parks within a specific state, monitor active webcams, or sort parks based on certain activities. The web application also includes user session management for managing user access to web pages.


  • Querying the US National Parks API to retrieve information about National Parks
  • User session management for managing user access to web pages
  • Sorting National Parks based on certain activities
  • Monitoring active webcams within National Parks
  • Dockerized Flask web application for consistent development environment.

Lessons Learned

During the development of Park Buddies, the project creator learned about several useful tools and concepts, including Bootstrap, user session management, the Requests library for interfacing with the National Park Service API, Docker for creating a consistent development environment, and Flask as a lightweight web framework for Python.