JP Montagnet, Linux Software Engineer

Kevin was the rock star of our full-stack capstone project’s team. (Python, Nginx, MySQL, Bootstrap, Docker, AWS) I do not say this lightly either. He came into the program as a relative novice, yet six months into the program, his grasp of the material and drive to make things work were blowing the socks off me and my 20+ years of experience. All that and an upbeat cooperative disposition. He is absolutely worth your consideration.

Farnoosh Razavi, CodePath

I was lucky enough to work with Kevin for 3 months in the CodePath Intermediate Software Engineering course. Kevin is a motivated, forward-thinking and intelligent software engineer with lots of knowledge in his field. His knowledge is vast and extensive. Kevin has exceptional problem-solving skills, understands complicated matters, and is an expert in optimizing every solution. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work which was inspiring to me, he has a positive attitude towards work and is an asset to any team he is on.

Ian Howe, Fullstack Software Engineer

I make no exaggeration when I say Kevin has expressed some of the strongest leadership qualities I have ever seen in a software engineer. During our weekly group meetings in CodePath, students were expected to attend and participate in discussions as we solved coding challenges together. Kevin went above and beyond to not just participate, but also facilitate. Kevin ensured everyone in the group had a chance to share their thoughts as we worked through problems, and was very proactive in giving feedback and words of encouragement to students that felt intimated by the course content.

These qualities, combined with a passion for problem-solving and continuous learning, make Kevin an unstoppable force of positive change wherever he leads.

Tin Pham, CodePath

It has been a pleasure working with Kevin via CodePath Intermediate Software Engineer. Kevin is a very organized, proactive, and approachable person. He comes up with great solutions and takes the time to explain them to every member. He was willing to lead the team from the beginning till the end of the course. He always ensures that all contributions and information are up to date with the team. Kevin is a team member that any team would want to have.

Tom Capaul, Professor

I worked with Kevin for nine months as part of the Graduate Certificate in Software Development and Engineering at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Kevin was consistently top of the class. I found his work ethic, problem solving, and ability to work with others outstanding. He has a passion for writing code and learning. He will make an exceptional addition to any development team. I give him my highest rating.

Xingguo Huang, Software Engineer

I have known Kevin since September 2021. During the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with him on three major projects. Kevin is passionate about writing code and solving problems through the development of creative and innovative software. When brainstorming the possible solutions to certain problems, he is a good listener and also vocal about his strategies and supporting plan for the whole team. He enthusiastically tackles the features that he was assigned and also goes the extra mile to support his teammates. We all feel so glad to have him on th same team. He is friendly, easy to get along with, well-liked, and respected by his teammates.

No matter what new challenges he faces, he can always find a way to properly handle them. Many times during the implementation of our projects, I was so amazed by his efficiency as well as his elegant solution. All of our projects became super successful in the end because of his leadership and devotion.

Kevin also goes the extra mile to learn in different settings with different resources to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques in software development. I am confident that he can overcome any challenge that is placed before him, and if you are looking for software developers, I firmly believe that he is a great fortune to have on your team.

Darence Thong, Software Engineer

It’s been a delight to get to know Kevin and work with him. We often discussed ideas for projects as classmates but also competed in ICPC. collegiate coding competition. Anyone would enjoy working with Kevin as he always has an upbeat attitude, is excited about technology, and is very easy to talk to.

Stephanie Liu, Software Engineer

Kevin has an exceptional breadth of knowledge, and whenever I had a question, he was able to share more information on the topic. I had the pleasure of working with him for 6 months on 2 substantial software projects, and I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with someone who was as self-directed, accountable, open and clear in their communication, and as empathetic of a teammate as Kevin. His curiosity, approaches to best practices in software development, kind but high standard code reviews improved our end products and lead to our team growing as a whole. I could only be so fortunate as to have the opportunity to work with him again.